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Bearing steel bearing


Bearing steel hybrid bearing combined with bearing steel bearing characteristics and silicon nitride ball has low density, high hardness and low coefficient of friction, no magnetoelectricity insulation, wear resistance, self-lubrication and rigidity is good wait for a characteristic, and full bearing steel bearing with higher than the revolution, high precision and long life, is widely applied in high precision, high speed spindle, and at the same time, be used for insulating, no lubrication and high vacuum and so on.


Loop material

Bearing steel


PEEK、Iron retainer、PA66

Rolling body



High speed machine tool spindle, vacuum no lubrication, insulation motor, refrigerator compressor, motor spindle and extreme requirements of the situation and bicycle, in-line skating and sports equipment.


Bearing standards

Bearing material options

Bearing clearance

Bearing common material performance comparison table

Full ceramic bearing common configuration